I have done a lot of projects (some of them can be considered trash). You can find most of them on my GitHub account. Here I only list the projects that I am most proud of:

  • PTNK Chatible
    A clone of Chatible that I created for my high school using TypeScript and Node.js.
  • Asus Zenbook Hackintosh
    Patches to run macOS on Asus Zenbook. It took me a year but the result is worth it. Now I use macOS as my main OS.
    You may ask why not just buy a MacBook? Simple (and sad) answer: I can’t afford it.
  • AsusSMC
    A kernel extension for macOS to support ALS (ambient light sensor) and keyboard backlight/Fn function on Asus laptops. This is the project that makes me proud most.
  • HPDB
    A database and analysis platform for Helicobacter Pylori. It runs on Ubuntu. Backend uses Python. Frontend uses Bootstrap and JQuery.
  • Competitive Programming Resource
    My implementation of various common algorithms and data structures.